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One of the major safety concerns on all construction sites are the overhead loads on the cranes. Most important action to reduce the risk associated with this is to make sure that workers clear the path of the load overhead. Common industry practice is for riggers to blow their whistles and get attention of the workers to move out of the way. Unfortunately there are issues with this common practice that cause it to be inefficient. The rigger can’t follow the load at the same pace as the crane up and down the construction project to ensure that workers are moving from underside of the load. And more importantly it solely relies on the manual act of the rigger to continuously blow a whistle and get workers attention which become impractical as evident by the persistence of this issue on construction sites. Rig Ring provides a hand held device producing a 120 DB sound as well as flashing light that can be turned on and off on demand requiring no manual action. It can also be attached to the load on the crane and fly with the load not relying on workers to follow the load. Rig Ring can also be use efficiently for traffic control to alarm vehicles, pedestrians and construction equipment.

  • Rig Ring: Construction, rigging and traffic control alarm. 
  • 120 DB
  • 75 DB
  • Flashing light
  • Remote controlled
  • Device uses 3 AAA batteries. 
  • 2 volume settings, compatible with remote
  • Maintain facial covering while using a whistle with the RIG RING


The following videos will show how Rig Ring works in action: